Introductions Boomerang Back As Beneficial Invitations

Benefit Boomerang
Your respect for other people’s needs and passions
boomerangs back to you as unforeseen benefits

Marie Forleo of Marie Forleo International got her first job after college because of a customer to the bar where she bartended. The customer asked what Marie wanted to do. Marie wanted to work on Wall Street. The customer’s brother-in-law worked on Wall Street. The customer took Marie’s resume to her brother-in-law, and Marie’s first job after college was on Wall Street.

Taking that beginning to heart, Marie began introducing people to each other for their mutual benefit. Those introductions boomeranged back to Marie as invitations to appear with Oprah Winfrey and Anthony Robbins. Marie’s philanthropy brought an invitation from Richard Branson. Branson introduced Marie to a woman he thought could help Marie’s career.

Marie Forleo’s introductions for the benefit of others boomeranged back to her with benefits she never expected.

“Marie Forleo and the High Art of People Pleasing”
Leigh Buchanan
Inc. Magazine
August 20, 2014

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Resource Rock Star (See websites below.)

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