Full-Blown Failure Can Get Yucky

Originally published October 1, 2014.

Republished November 20, 2015 after a web host transfer.

Full-Blown Failure
The unforeseen failure other people intentionally create for you
because you intentionally create failure for them

Clothing designer Dana Roslan brought cookies for her lunches, only to have them stolen by a coworker. Frustrated, Roslan bought dog biscuits that looked like biscotti and set the trap. She said her only remorse was “not being able to see his face after he ate the bait.”

The coworker intentionally created failure for Roslan by stealing her delicious cookies. Roslan responded by intentionally creating failure for the coworker with the bait of yucky dog biscuits.

People do get creative with their revenge.

“Irritations spur creative revenge”
Ian Urbina
The Seattle Times
March 21, 2005, page 7A

Paula M. Kramer
Resource Rock Star (See websites below.)

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