Roman Roads Sparked Serendipitous Success For Early Christian Apostles

Serendipitous Success
Being in the right place at the right time
to just by chance benefit from
someone else’s success

For about 40 years after the death of Jesus Christ, Romans did not see any difference between the Jewish religion and the Christian religion. Jews and Christians worshiped the same God. Jews and Christians read the same religious texts. Jews and Christians used the same language. Because of the similarities, Romans did not stop Christians from traveling throughout the Roman world.

The Roman road system satisfied the Roman Empire’s need to move armies, officials, civilians, communications, and trade goods. Those same roads satisfied the early apostles’ desire to spread Christian beliefs throughout the Roman world. The apostles used Rome’s infrastructure success to create religious success.

Christian apostles were in the right place at the right time
to just by chance benefit from
Rome’s success in building roads.

Secret Lives of the Apostles
National Geographic Documentary

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