School Anxiety In Children Causes Freaky Failure In Adults

Freaky Failure
Being in the wrong place at the wrong time to just by chance
suffer a loss because of someone else’s failure

Test anxiety faces every child who takes the minimum 17 exams from 3rd through 12th grade because of No Child Left Behind. Some students are faced with extra anxiety because of stereotypes. Girls face stereotypes that they cannot do well on math and science. Blacks and Latinos face stereotypes that they could not do well in college.

If parents and teachers fail to help children cope with their anxiety, students do not do as well on exams as they could. If children never get help with their anxiety, their performance will continue at less than their potential. When they somehow enter your life as adults (employees at a business you frequent, employees at a service provider you use, your colleague on the job), whatever they bring into your life will be less than what their potential was. You are then in the right place at the right time to just by chance suffer the loss of their best because parents and teachers failed to ease test nxiety in children.

Being in the wrong  place at the wrong time to just by chance
suffer a loss from adults who experienced
unrelieved test anxiety as school children.

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