Spotlighting The Standout Success Of A 12 Year Old Boy

Originally published August 7, 2013.

Republished November 1, 2015 after a web host transfer.

Spotlighting Standout Success
Other people responding positively to you
because you created a success they value

As told in A Grandson Creates Spectacular Success for His Grandmother, 12 year old Noah Lamaide, grandson of Janice Sparhawk, saved Sparhawk’s house from foreclosure. As news of Noah’s success spread, Internet and television news organizations featured Noah in admiring stories. Noah and Janice appeared together on CBS This Morning.

The spotlights on Noah included:

“‘I never knew that there were so many good people in this world’: Boy, 12, saves grandmother’s house from foreclosure by raising $10,500 in a month”
Daily Mail

‘I called our local representative, the governor, the president, not asking for money but asking them to help me find a program and they couldn’t do it. But this 12-year-old could. He saved the house.’
Janice Sparhawk, Noah’s grandmother

“Wisconsin Boy Saves Grandma’s House From Foreclosure”
ABC News

“…always putting others before himself”
Jill Sparhawk Lamaide, Noah’s mother

“12-year-old Philanthropist Noah Lamaide Saves Grandmother from Foreclosure”
Itsy Bitsy Steps

“What a hero!”
Joni Ricar

“Bubby’s Boy! 12-Year-Old Raises Money To Save Grandma’s Home”Global Grind

“…grandson of the year!?”
“The world needs more kids like Noah; what an inspiration.”
The Decider

“Local boy named hometown hero”
Sioux City, Iowa

“It is my honor to present a hometown hero award to Noah LaMaide,”
Wisconsin State Rep. Louis Molepske

On The Road
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley

”…what America really is.”
Steve Hartman

Paula M. Kramer
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