When Nature Causes Freaky Failure, Everyone Loses

Freaky Failure Caused By Nature
Being in the wrong place at the wrong time to just by change
suffer a loss because of natural events

In 1958, the Pacific Ocean port city of Antofagasta, Chile decided to get its water from the Andes Mountains. The water coming down from the mountains was cheaper to use than well water was. In 1970, city officials discovered arsenic in the city’s water supply. It had come from mountain mineral deposits.

The city quickly switched back to using well water. However, citizens of Antofagasta suffered the freaky failure of higher rates of bladder and lung cancer because arsenic existed naturally in the water.

Freaky failure caused by nature affects people by area. Income, profession, racial group, educational level, etc., are no protection when nature creates failure.

Antofagasta, Chile was wrong place to live
from 1958 to the early 1970s
because residents just by chance suffered health losses
from arsenic in the city’s water supply.

“Food at Risk”
Deborah Blum
Discover Magazine
October 2013, pages 38-42.
Antofagasta, Chile is mentioned on page 40.


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