Vicious Finding Fault Failure For LeAnn Rimes

Originally published May 28, 2014.

Revised and republished November 11, 2015 after a web host transfer.

Finding Fault Failure
Other people responding negatively to you
because you create a failure they detest

County singer Leanne Rimes had an affair with actor Eddie Cibrian. Both were married at the time, plus Cibrian and his wife had two children.

People found fault with Rimes for taking Cibrian away from his wife Brandi Glanville (with his permission, of course).

Talk show host Wendy Williams called  Rimes a “homewrecker” and said Rimes should stop calling Cibrian’s sons with his former wife her “boys”.

After Shape magazine put Rimes on their cover, subscribers complained. Editor Valerie Latona sent an email to subscribers apologizing about her ”terrible mistake” for putting a “husband-stealer” on the magazine’s cover. A small number of angry subscribers had used the word “husband-stealer”. wrote and continues to write finding fault articles about LeAnn Rimes.

Rimes quit Twitter after fans objected to her kissing Cibrian while wearing a skimpy bikini. The photograph shows Rimes kissing Cibrian while his young son sat right next to him.

Blogger Ilana Angel described Rimes in the following ways:



“mentally deranged

“disconnected from reality”

“makes a point of publicly humiliating herself”

“not very bright”

“fakes a lot of things”





“stupid, spiteful, idiotic, whore”

Quite a number of people found fault with LeAnn Rimes for the failure she brought to Brandi Glanville. They let her know it.


Reporting on the way people found fault with LeAnn Rimes does not mean I agree with the words fault finders used. Rimes is yet another example of women being treated as more deviant than men who are deviant. Eddie Cibrian cheated on wife Brandi Glanville.

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Ilana Angel
Jewish Journal
February 16, 2014

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Perez Hilton
September 17, 2010

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Cristina Everett
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