Foolish Rudeness Ruins A Job Interview

Originally published September 3, 2014

Revised and republished July 20, 2016 after a web host transfer.

Foolish Failure
Ignoring opportunities for serendipitous success in people
who are different from you because you believe
your success depends on their failure

Driving to a job interview, a man passed another driver, cut the other driver off, and flipped his finger at the other driver. The rude man believed that his success in getting to the job interview depended on the other driver’s failure.

The rude man showed up for the interview only to discover that the interviewer was the other driver. The interviewer had already experienced this man’s rudeness on the highway. She knew that hiring him meant bringing his rudeness into her workplace. Since the man’s qualifications meant nothing compared to his foolish rudeness, he left without a job offer.

“All in a Day’s Work”
Reader’s Digest
November, 2012, page 30

Paula M. Kramer
Resource Rock Star (See websites below.)

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