Full-Blown Failure: Using The Past To Take Revenge In The Present

Full-Blown Failure
The unforeseen failure other people intentionally create for you
because you intentionally create failure for them

College student Summer and several girlfriends decided to go on spring break together, splitting the cost of hotel and car rentals. One of the girlfriends, Liz, changed her mind at the last minute to spend time with new boyfriend Pete. Liz was unconcerned and unapologetic about the financial burden this placed on “strapped for cash” Summer and the other spring break cohorts.

To take revenge, Summer invited some spring break cohorts and Pete over to watch favorite sitcoms on a night Liz had to do job work. Summer and her spring break cohorts told Pete “scandalous stories” from Liz’s past, including her “weird habits” and participation in “sketchy situations”. The stories were enough to convince Pete to break up with Liz. Pete even told Liz she needed professional help.

Liz intentionally created failure for her friends because of Pete, so her friends intentionally created failure for her relationship with Pete.

Cosmopolitan Magazine
January 2004, page 20.


Paula M. Kramer
© 2015 to the present
All rights reserved.

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