Norv Turner: From Rookie Coach To Super Bowl Winner By Satisfying Straightforward Needs

 Straightforward Success
Having your physical, mental, and emotional needs
in a particular situation satisfied,
setting you up to succeed through your own efforts

In 1991, Dallas Cowboys owner Jimmie Johnson hired third choice Norv Turner as offensive coordinator. Turner’s only NFL experience was as the wide receivers coach for the Los Angeles Rams. Turner helped quarterback Troy Aikman become a legend. Aikman explained how Norv Turner created straightforward success for the entire team:

“His biggest thing for us has been that he does not allow players to do things that they’re not good at doing,” Aikman said during the Super Bowl week. “If there’s something that I throw well, we’ll throw it. If there’s something I don’t throw well, regardless of how much he thinks it’s going to work, we will not throw it during the game. And receivers do not run routes that they don’t run well. And he’s very adamant about that.”

Aikman spoke in more detail about the straightforward success Norv Turner created in his Undeniable with Joe Buck interview:

Joe Buck:

“What does a great offensive coordinator (Norv Turner) do for a quarterback? What did Norv specifically do for you?”

Troy Aikman:

“It sounds simple, but he took what everyone does best and he
had ‘em do what they do best. You know, I didn’t throw this
particular corner route particularly well. Jim Everett of the Rams
did, and they threw a lot of them. And I never got comfortable
with the throw. And we didn’t throw it. He just said, “Forget it.”
You know, what I did throw well, I threw the dig routes well,
20 yard in routes. We threw the comebacks… And that’s what
I did.

And (Michael) Irvin ran those well. You know, that’s what he did.
He wasn’t just gonna blow by the people all the time, so we didn’t
ask him to do it.

Emmitt (Smith) wasn’t a guy who could catch a lot of balls out of
the backfield. He would catch swing passes and that type of thing,
and that’s what we did with him.

It sounds really simple, but for some reason, most offensive
coordinators don’t go about it that way, and it worked for us.
You know, when we talk about the triplets — me, Michael, and
Emmitt — credit Norv for our successes. You know, he was the
right guy at the right place at the right time, and he got us really
where we wanted to go.”

Norv Turner satisfied the players’ physical needs to do what they were good at doing. That straightforward physical success led to the mental and emotional success of winning Super Bowls.

Another Win For People Doing What They’re Good At Doing

Smart teenagers from five countries gave themselves straightforward success in a United Technologies Future of Buildings and Cities Challenge:

“Once the students signed up to participate, they self-selected
into teams based on interests and skills, and developed their
collaborative designs using Launchpad.”

Judges selected their building as the winning design.

“6 Teens designed this wacky green building of the future”
Eillie Anzilotti
Fast Company
July 27, 2018

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Read more about the importance of including rookies for rookie rewards on the Dream Teams & Spectacular Success page at:

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