Community Banker Risks Freaky Failure Death For Community Residents, Including Children

Freaky Failure
Being in the wrong place at the wrong time to just by chance
suffer a loss because of someone else’s failure

I live next to the village park in a rural village. My house is on a county road, so lots of traffic passes my house. I also live a block from the downtown area of the village, including the post office. Lots of different people drive or walk or bike past my house daily.

On my front lawn near the road, I had a maple tree with three split trunks. One trunk leaned toward my house. One trunk leaned toward the park, though my driveway was between the tree and the park. One trunk leaned over the road. The tree trunks hollowed out because insects had eaten away the inside of the tree. Any trunk falling on its own could kill someone and damage property. All trunks falling together in a severe storm would be devastating.

I had banked at a community bank for more than a decade. The banker  (Community Banker) had gone out of his way more than once to help me keep my house. One year my insurance company sent me a letter informing me that I had to replace my roof or lose my insurance. Before I could call him to ask for a home equity loan, Community Banker called me to offer me a home equity loan. He gave me personal loans, car loans, business loans, and home equity loans. Even though a childhood spinal injury made earning money difficult, I paid back every single loan, some of them late, some of them early.

I didn’t have the money to cut the tree down myself, so I asked Community banker for a third home equity loan to cut down the tree, do some house repairs, and get the back into a professional speaking career. I wanted to protect my house, but I also wanted to protect all the people who drove, biked, and walked past my house. After decades of giving me multiple loans, Community Banker said no. He claimed I had no proof of enough income to pay back the loan. The real reason is that he didn’t want my grandson to be friends with his step-grandson. Read my journal entries for proof of everything I’ve written so far.


Other bank customers live within a block or two of my house on that county road. One of those families has children. Community Banker risked freaky failure death for his own customers and their children rather than give me a home equity loan to cut the tree down.

If a falling trunk had killed a bank customer’s child, what would Community Banker have done? Would he have attended the funeral to comfort the grieving parents? Would he have explained  that the tree trunk fell because he refused to give me the home equity loan I wanted to prevent freaky failure death?

I eventually got the tree cut down by sending a letter explaining the situation to 10 of my neighbors. Several of them provided various resources to get the tree cut down.

Community Banker’s excuse for refusing the third home equity loan was that I was too old to be successful.

“The Portage County Housing Authority offers rental
apartments with rent based on income with utilities
included. I recommend Ms. Kramer explore this
affordable option.”

In reality, women over 60 can do quite well as professional speakers. Compared to some of the women on this list, I’m still young.

Community Banker had to ignore all kinds of details in my life to come to the conclusion that I could afford only senior county housing. (He also has no idea how senior county housing works. I am both too young and too healthy to qualify any time soon.)

Community Banker also ignored the possibilities of my planned business directory, Better Planet Business. Since other people saw the possibilities, my directory is now live and attracting members.  Community Banker is now an example of someone who stereotypes senior citizens negatively.

Other community residents are complaining about this bank. When several customers complain about the same community bank, the problem is not with any individual customer. The problem is with the community bank. How many other customers has Community Banker stereotyped? How many other community residents are at risk of freaky failure because of Community Banker’s stereotypes?

Adults and children passing my house would have been in
the wrong place at the wrong time to just by chance
suffer a loss because Community Banker failed
to protect their lives.

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Paula M. Kramer
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All rights reserved.

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