Standout Success For “The Best Damn Ship In The Navy”

Standout Success
Other people responding positively to you
because you created a success they value

This is post #5 of 5 USS Benfold posts to help you understand
how one type of success sparks other types of success.

Benfold‘s crew practiced marksmanship with Tomahawk missiles “all the way across the western Pacific” on its way to the Persian Gulf. Benfold performed this task better than all other ships in the Gulf. Captain D. Michael Abrashoff’s boss gave Benfold enough cruise missiles to make it the “biggest arsenal in the fleet”.

General Anthony Zinni, the four-star Marine in command of the entire Middle East force, gave a speech at the Navy’s birthday ball about how the commanding officers on the Benfold gave sailors the freedom to assume major responsibilities. The party was Benfold‘s “day to shine.” Benfold began earning its reputation as the “go-to ship in the Persian Gulf”.

General Anthony Zinni responded positively to  Benfold’s officers
because those officers created a success he valued.

It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy
Captain D. Michael Abrashoff
Time Warner Books Group, New York: 2002
Quotes on 96, 138


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