Being Perfect For The Job Couldn’t Overcome A Perfect Opportunity For Revenge

Full-Blown Failure
The unforeseen failure other people intentionally create for you
because you intentionally create failure for them

Twenty year old Shawn spent a summer working for his uncle. The uncle operated the managing branch of a successful oil rig firm. Shawn’s job was to enter prospective resumes into a database. His uncle had asked him to put aside promising resumes.

One resume revealed an applicant who was “perfect for the job” with “great credentials”, “impressive references”, and a “stellar academic record”. The applicant, however, was a “pompous jerk” who had “terrorized” Shawn “all the time” through high school.

Pompous Jerk had foolishly failed to see an opportunity for serendipitous success in knowing Shawn. By creating failure for Shawn, the pompous jerk invited Shawn to create failure for him. Shawn accepted the invitation. He ripped up the application and threw it in the garbage.

No interview was the unforeseen failure Shawn created for Pompous Jerk
because Pompous Jerk intentionally created failure for Shawn.

Foolish Failure
Failing to see opportunities for serendipitous success
in people who are different from you because you
believe your success depends on their failure

Serendipitous Success
Being in the right place at the right time
to just by chance benefit from someone else’s success

Examples of full-blown failure reveal that many of them are created behind an individual’s back. The pompous jerk probably never knew how Shawn took revenge on his life.

Cosmopolitan Magazine
“Guy Confessions”
August 2004, page 38


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