Be Smart About Finding Good Doctors

Smart Success
Seeing opportunities for serendipitous success in people
who are different from you because you understand
that your success is connected to their success

A good doctor has an Ivy League degree, a prestigious title, and charm, right?

Not according to Marty Makary, a doctor himself. Makary practices laparoscopic surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, teaches health policy at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and is an international expert in patient safety.

Makary’s advice for finding a good doctor is to ask people lower down on the organizational ladder, hospital employees. “Their word trumps an Ivy League degree, prestigious titles, and charm.’

Be smart by looking behind polish (Ivy League degrees, prestigious titles, charm) to look for performance. The people who see performance everyday are the people who know whose performance is best.

High polish does not guarantee high performance.

Low polish (a lower level job in a hierarchy) does not automatically mean low performance.

Low polish hospital employees demonstrate high performance in identifying high performing doctors.

“50 Secrets your Surgeon Won’t Tell You”
Michelle Crouch
Reader’s Digest
October 2012, pages 114-123


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