The Foolish Failure Of Lisa Kudrow’s Former Best Friends

Foolish Failure
Failing to see opportunities for serendipitous success in people
who are different from you because you do not understand that
your success is connected to their success

When Lisa Kudrow was 13, her two best friends said to her, “For your own good, you need to see what would happen if we weren’t here.” This is the way Lisa describes the experience: “It was really brutal. Very hard.”

Being brutal to a friend is the opposite of doing something for her own good.

Lisa’s older sister got her through those difficult years. Lisa went on to star in the mega-hit television series Friends, become an executive producer for the television series Who Do You Think You Are?, and star in the original, improvised online series Web Therapy. She also was a guest star for several episodes on ABC network’s hit series Scandal.

What sort of serendipitous opportunities, connections, and resources would Lisa Kudrow’s former best friends have now if they had remained her best friends?

For their own good, Lisa Kudrow’s former best friends should have found out what would happen if they had continued to be Lisa’s best friends.

“Lisa Kudrow”
Lawrence Grobel
Saturday Evening Post
January 5, 2014


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