A Benefit That Boomeranged Back & Out

Benefit Boomerang
Your respect for other people’s needs and passions
boomerangs back to you as unforeseen benefits

Hairstylist David Wagner had a client who came in every five weeks. One day, the client came in for a styling weeks early. When Wagner asked about her evening plans, she said she wanted to look and feel good that night.

Wagner gave his client a great scalp massage, shampooed her hair, styled her hair, joked with her, and laughed with her. She hugged him goodbye.

Days later, Wagner received a letter from this client. The client had intended to commit suicide the night of the last styling. She wanted to look good for her funeral. Having no idea what he was doing for the woman, Wagner provided enough respect for her needs and passions that she felt her life could get better. She got treatment and changed her life.

The respect Wagner gave his client boomeranged back to him as a revelation that he had the power to make a difference in the lives of other people. Wagner then boomeranged the benefit out. He launched Daymaker Movement, wrote the book Life As A Daymaker, and continues to respect the needs and passions of other people. Wagner still thanks his client for her letter because of what her letter did for his life. And Daymakers around the world take intentional acts of good will everyday, creating ever more benefit boomerangs.


Paula M. Kramer
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All rights reserved.

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