Straightforward Success From Slices Of Pizza

Straightforward Success
Having your physical, mental, and emotional needs
in a particular situation satisfied,
setting you up to succeed through your own efforts

One day, a customer at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia asked the owner of the store a question that launched pay-it-forward pizza. The customer wanted to know if he could buy a slice of pizza for a homeless person. Owner Mason Wartman said yes.

A slice of pizza at Rosa’s costs $1. By July 8, 2015, customers of Rosa’s had bought more than 10,000 slices of pizza for their homeless neighbors. The wall is now covered with Post-it notes. Notes to redeem for free slices of pizza. Notes of encouragement from the people who buy the pizza. Notes of gratitude from people who now have the security of having something to eat everyday.

With pizza in their stomachs, some of the homeless customers succeeded at getting jobs through their own efforts. Other homeless customers stopped committing petty crimes to get money for food. Homeless customers offer to sweep the restaurant floor or take out the garbage. Wartman hired three homeless people to work in his pizza shop, giving them the chance they wanted to work hard. For Wartman they are “who I want here.”

“A customer walked into his pizza shop and changed Philadelphia with $1 and a single Post-it note.”
Maz Ali

“Philadelphia Pizza Lovers Pay It Forward One Slice At A Time”
Elizabeth Fiedler
January 15, 2015

“The Pizza Man”
Reader’s Digest
July 8, 2015


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