Setting Children Up For Fundamental Failure

Originally published January 17, 2013.

Updated and republished September 9, 2015 after a web host transfer.

Fundamental Failure
Having your physical, mental, and emotional needs
in a particular situation neglected or denied,
setting you up to fail despite your own effort

The United States, a economically rich country, is doing less to provide its poorest children with the basics for survival. Federal and state governments limit or cut funding for health care and food, neglecting the physical needs of its poorest children.

Because their physical needs are neglected, these children live with health problems which in turn create education problems. They are more likely to endure poor health as adults, including cardio-vascular disease.

Because neglect of their physical needs prevents children from reaching their mental potential, these children do poorly in school and have low skills.

The parents of poor families work at such low wages that they have to work long hours. Those long hours mean parents can spend very little time with their children. They have little time or energy to satisfy children’s emotional needs. Because their emotional needs are neglected, these children have lower aspirations and earn less money as adults.

These children grow into adults with weak physical health, weak mental skills, and weak emotional resources. Neglect has set them up to fail despite their own efforts. Their failure means they are more likely to create freaky failure for other people rather than serendipitous success.

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