Satisfying Needs Leads to Straightforward Success Instead Of Juvenile Delinquency

Originally published July 23, 2014.

Republished February 17, 2016 after a web host transfer.

Straightforward Success
Having your physical, mental, and emotional needs
in a particular situation satisfied,
setting you up to succeed through your own efforts

In 2005, the University of Wisconsin–Madison Schools of Human Ecology and Social Work and the University of Wisconsin–Extension, Cooperative Extension submitted a report to Wisconsin Governor’s Juvenile Justice Commission and the Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance about the most cost-effective programs for preventing juvenile delinquency. These programs satisfied the social, emotional, and educational needs of children, parents, and families. Children who went through these programs with their parents and families were likely to become effective adults in society.

The most cost effective prevention programs included:

preschool education

home visitation programs

parent education

social and emotional learning programs for school-aged children

The programs satisfied needs effectively because:

quality and intensity of services were high

staff members were well trained

program visions were well articulated with strong conceptual bases

The community accountability programs and therapeutic interventions were most effective when they lasted long periods of time, but they still cost far less than incarcerating juveniles. Satisfying the needs of children, parents, and families allowed the children to create straightforward success for themselves.

“What Works, Wisconsin: What Science Tells Us about Cost-Effective Programs for Juvenile Delinquency Prevention”
Stephen A. Small, Arthur J. Reynolds, Cailin O’Connor, and Siobhan M. Cooney
University of Wisconsin-Madison Schools of Human Ecology and
Social Work
University of Wisconsin-Extension, Cooperative Extension
June 2005

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