A Banker’s Smart Success Attitude Brought Her An Angel In Her Time Of Need

 Smart Success
Seeing opportunities for serendipitous success
in people who are different from you
because you understand that
your success is connected to their success

When homeless Curtis Jackson asked a suburban Chicago banker for money, the banker always treated him with respect. She was smart enough to have the attitude that even homeless people are valuable.

Then the banker lost her job and home and almost her son when Children’s Services threatened to take him away from her.

Curtis Jackson, the homeless man who appreciated the banker’s respectful attitude, began panhandling to keep the banker and her son in a motel. He took what he collected — minus money for food and bus fare — to the banker’s motel every night. From December 2011 to May 2012, he gave her $9,000. He told a reporter that he planned to keep helping the former banker until she no longer needed help. The homeless man other people ignored became an “angel” for the banker and her son.

The banker’s attitude of respect
for the homeless man’s needs
gave him a reason to respect
her need for help during her homelessness.

“Homeless man who befriended banker begs to pay for her hotel after she loses her job and house”
Daniel Bates
Daily Mail
May 12, 2011

“Panhandler Helps Homeless Banker Who Respected Him”
Martin Gould
May 12, 2011


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