Success Sours When Arrogance Replaces Humility

Soured Success
Leaving a path of working with others and satisfying others

to focus on satisfying your desire to feel special

The African National Congress (ANC) began in 1912 as the South African Native National Congress. It was renamed in 1923. South Africa began creating laws to segregate blacks in 1856. After the all white government of the National Party took power in 1948, it began enforcing apartheid laws. The ANC took the lead in fighting apartheid. The white government banned the ANC from 1960 to 1990. Nelson Mandela was one of the ANC’s leaders. Under pressure from within South Africa and from around the world, apartheid ended and Mandela became a free man again. Nelson Mandela won the election for the presidency of South Africa in 1994.

Nelson Mandela was a man who intentionally lived humility. He worked for human rights and human dignity. He did not work for his own power. The ANC continued its hold on power with Thabo Mbeki, who succeeded Mandela as president. His own party asked Mbeki to resign in 2008. His administration was incompetent because of nepotism and corruption.

Jacob Zuma succeeded Mbeki. His administration was “disastrous”. Infighting and corruption led to Zuma’s resignation.

Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa followed Zuma as president of South Africa. He enjoys more trust with South Africans after Mbeki and Zuma. The anti-corruption watchdog has accused Ramaphosa of corruption, which he denies.

The ANC has apparently decided to ramp up its arrogance.

So true is the fact, that we see this even today in the
ruling party. There is growing anti-intellectualism
within the ANC. It’s wanting that the ruling party
responded so negatively to a book they had not read –
labelling it fake news. The ANC is following the
growing trend where those in power fail to engage
by “othering” those who show their underbelly.“

So much for the human rights and human dignity that humble Nelson Mandela worked for.

In reality, only Nelson Mandela was humble. ANC leaders seem to have been frequently if not always arrogant. While banned, ANC leaders had formed alliances with leader of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe and leader of Libya Muammar Gaddafi. ANC training camps included “a lot of corruption, a lot of thuggery.”

The humility of Nelson Mandela contributed to the ANC’s greatest success. The before and after arrogance of its other leaders, however, soured that success.

ANC leaders left Nelson Mandela’s path of
working with others and satisfying others
to focus on satisfyng their own desires to feel powerful.

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