Gatorade’s Serendipitous Success Stretches Back 100s Of Years

Serendipitous Success
Being in the right place at the right time
to just by chance benefit from
someone else’s success

Do you enjoy drinking Gatorade? If so, your enjoyment is serendipitous success stemming from the straightforward success of ordinary people in Bangladesh. Hundreds of years ago, Bangladeshis created straightforward success for cholera victims by giving them carbohydrates and sugar to keep them hydrated. Western doctors who had gone to Bangladesh to help during a cholera outbreak were astonished to see how effective the local treatment was. According to Western medicine at the time, giving carbohydrates and sugar to diarrhea patients would worsen their diarrhea. Ordinary Bangladeshis proved that to be wrong.

The doctors published a paper about the effective treatment in a British medical journal. Doctors at the University of Florida saw the article. They blended carbohydrates and sugar in a drink to hydrate football players on the university’s football team, the Gators.

“The World As R+D Lab: How to recognize great ideas from developing countries—and bring them home”
Vijay Govindarajan
Inc. Magazine
May 2012, pages 98-100


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